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Salvation Army, Changi

Voices of civilian internment: Salvation Army archives on Cambridge Digital Library

This August saw the launch of 'Voices of civilian internment: WWII Singapore', a new collection of digitised archive material...

November 2017

Martin Luther

“Such a candle as I trust shall never be put out”: The Salvation Army and the Reformation

On 31 October 2017 it is 500 years since Martin Luther (probably) nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Schlosskirche in Wittenberg...

October 2017


Riches indeed!

Our new Research Assistant, Major Mel Jones, gives his first impressions of working at the Heritage Centre...

September 2017

Conserving the Leeds Guardian Home papers

Conserving the Leeds Guardian Home papers

In 2013, I opened a box of records that had come to us after many years spent in various unsuitable storage locations...

March 2017

'...behind the barbed wires': internment on the Isle of Man

Explore the letters of officers Lieutenant-Colonel Walter and Esther Busse, interned as 'Enemy Aliens' for over five years during the Second World War...

January 2017

First World War Babies

But not all fathers were soldiers. Just 30% of men in this volume are identified as soldiers, and all of these would have been volunteers...

November 2016

'Receive, reform, regenerate, restore': Beggars' Town, Shanghai

One of the files from China comprises photographs of a settlement in Shanghai known as Beggar’s Town ...

September 2016

A contextual complexity: the Special Efforts Department

Exploring the work of a department for which no administrative papers have survived...

June 2016

Amhurst Road statement book

A lesson in judging books by their covers

Looking at the above picture you’d be forgiven for thinking that the volume in the centre would be easy to describe in our archive catalogue...

May 2016

Birkenhead II corps handbill, 1888

Paul O'Grady and The Salvation Army in Merseyside

When Paul came to visit the Heritage Centre, we showed him material from the archives that would help bring back the memories of his early encounters with The Salvation Army in Merseyside... 

April 2016

'Almost demented with hunger and fear': Easter 1916

The events of the Easter Rising against British rule in Ireland were widely covered in the British press, and the periodicals of The Salvation Army prove to be no exception... 

March 2016

From bad to worse: The Salvation Army in communist Czechoslovakia

Papers from our archive detail the problems The Salvation Army experienced following the nationalisation of churches in Czechoslovakia in 1949, culminating in their eventual suppression in 1950...

February 2016

'The New Exodus': The Salvation Army and Emigration

It is a little-known fact that The Salvation Army was the United Kingdom's largest voluntary migration society in the first half of the twentieth century ...

November 2015

Post-war relief in Germany

The Salvation Army in Post-War Germany

Papers in our archive shed light on the work of The Salvation Army in Germany during the Second World War and allow an insight into the scale of the humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of the war ...

October 2015

Comrades under the Colours

'Comrades under the Colours': International Congresses

The Salvation Army's first International Congress was held in 1886 to celebrate the organisation's 21st anniversary ...

July 2015

Mabel Poole

Mabel Poole: 'Sister of Love'

Whilst re-cataloguing the IHC's several thousand strong collection of photographs of Salvation Army work in its International Territories we came across unidentified loose prints of what appeared to be Indian royalty ...

September 2014

The European Territories

'Chilly Political Winds' in Hungary

Salvation Army work in Hungary lasted scarcely 25 years, years which coincided with a politically turbulent period in the country's history ...

August 2014

Emma Cottage

Emma Cottage

Recent cataloguing has brought to light an intriguing volume from our Women's Social Work archive from a home called 'Emma Cottage' which is described as a 'Home for Day Girls' ...

July 2014

Refugees in Shanghai

World Refugee Day

The Salvation Army has a long history of social and evangelical outreach to refugees ...

June 2014

Edith Cavell

'Patriotism is not enough'

The International Heritage Centre holds a large collection of records produced by the Women's Social Work branch of The Salvation Army. In April 1914 a referral is noted from a Miss Edith Cavell of Brussels ...

April 2014

Criminal Tribes pamphlet

'Our Foreign Field': India

One of the strengths of the International Heritage Centre's holdings is its collections of records and published material relating to Salvation Army work in India ...

January 2014

Letter to Florence Booth

Booth Family Papers

William and Catherine Booth, the Founders of The Salvation Army, had eight children who were all involved in running The Salvation Army and spreading its ideals ...

November 2013

IHC catalogue

The Catalogue

Over the past 6 years, we have been cataloguing the archives and books held by the Heritage Centre ...

October 2013

IHC Archives

We are archivists

We look after archives (records, photographs, films, objects). Our job is to decide what to keep and what to throw away ...

August 2013