Campaigning and policy

We campaign so that people who struggle to be heard are listened to by people who have the power to make a positive difference.

Our task is to harness the experience and expertise of our frontline service users and personnel in order to influence decision makers of all political persuasions.

The Salvation Army believes that a fairer society, which upholds and supports all marginalised people, actually benefits us all. We assert that our society will not work for anyone if it does not work for everyone.

A group of primary school aged kids wearing bright summer clothes are playnig with a football at a summer camp as a Salvation Army officer in a white polo shirt cheers them on.

Join our campaign to put families first

As this new Government takes office, they have the opportunity to put families first by tackling barriers that holds entire families in poverty.

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Our main areas of campaigning

Homelessness policy

Homelessness is increasing, we are working to protect the most vulnerable

Employment and social security policy

We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work.

Modern slavery policy

Standing with survivors to put their voices at the heart of policy and practice.

Captain Annmarie Gifford in full Salvation Army uniform
Time and time again Jesus came alongside individuals who were marginalised. By partnering with the policy unit, I have been able to advocate for the marginalised, lobby for change on their behalf and help their voices be heard by those in power.
Captain Annmarie Gifford

Campaigning against homelessness

Breaking the Cycle

New report calls for more access to addiction and mental health support for those experiencing homelessness.

A homeless patient attends hospital every seven minutes

The number of homeless patients going to hospital has gone up 37 per cent in four years.

Change laws to make housing rough sleepers a priority

The number of people sleeping rough in London has shot up again according to new figures.

Protect addiction support to tackle rising street deaths

We urge councils to protect addiction support to prevent homeless deaths.

Campaigning for jobs and income security

Employment support transforms lives

Analysis in our report finds that 1.6 million people don’t get the support they need to get back into work.

Autumn Statement: the state safety net is being ripped open

We are concerned about the impact of poverty on services supporting people.

Salvation Army urges new PM must tackle poverty

We are calling for benefits to keep up with inflation.

Work and Pensions Committee Response

Read our response to the Work and Pensions Select Committee Inquiry into the plan for jobs and employment support.

Campaigning to end modern slavery

Response to The Joint Committee on Human Rights of Asylum Seekers Inquiry

The Salvation Army provides evidence to committee calling for the protection of the rights of survivors of Modern Slavery.

Response to to Home Affairs Committee Inquiry on Human Trafficking

The Salvation Army responds to the Home Affairs Select Committee's inquiry into human trafficking.

First Responders policy and practice

As the Nationality and Borders Act becomes law it’s important that all first responders be fully prepared to carry out their role in identifying and supporting survivors.

Slavery survivors at heart of response to New Plan for Immigration

The Salvation Army responds to the Government's New Plan for Immigration

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Giving people a voice

We speak to decision makers to lobby on issues effecting communities such as employment, poverty and homelessness.

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