Campaigning and policy

The Salvation Army's Public Affairs and Social Policy Unit exists so that people who struggle to be heard are listened to by people who have the power to make a positive difference.

Our task is to harness the experience and expertise of our frontline service users and personnel in order to influence decision makers of all political persuasions.

The Salvation Army believes that a fairer society, which upholds and supports all marginalised people, actually benefits us all. We assert that our society will not work for anyone if it does not work for everyone.

an older woman counting out her pennies

Cost of living crisis

Find out how we are helping those hardest hit by the crisis and what we think the Government could do to lift the most deprived communities out of poverty.

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Homelessness policy

Homelessness is increasing, we are working to protect the most vulnerable

Modern slavery policy

Ensuring that policy makers end modern slavery and protect its victims

Employment and social security policy

We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work

How we work

Learn more about how we work and our mission


How we are working with decision makers to change our society


Read our latest reports on: homelessness, modern slavery, employment and social security


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Our team

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Giving people a voice

We speak to decision makers to lobby on issues such as universal credit, employment, and rough sleeping.

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