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The All Terrain Podcast

The All-Terrain Podcast is a brand new, monthly release from The Salvation Army Youth and Children’s Unit in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

In each episode our host Matt White will be inviting some special guests to take a hypothetical hike with him as they share their stories and pass on wisdom from their own walk.

Each guest will get four requests for the road and answer four questions about their real life’s journey:

Where are we walking?
Who is coming with us (one living, one dead, one fictional)?
What’s on the playlist?
What’s in the snack bag?

How do we face change?
How do we move through suffering?
How do we receive joy?
How do we mature in service?

The meander might be metaphorical but the guests and their reflections on life are very real and packed full of lessons for all of us.

The questions and heart behind the podcast have been inspired by Alexander John Shaia's work where he presents the idea that the 'Gospels are not simply about Jesus but about Jesus speaking to us about the journey we are on,' and that each Gospel account is written to answer a specific question, e.g. Matthew - how do we face change? Mark - suffering; John - Joy and Luke - service.

Through our work we encounter numerous young adults who find themselves asking the 4 questions as they try to navigate their lives and faith to find their place in the world and how should they serve. It’s not just young people, we have met many older people in their 50's, 60's who are still faithfully serving children and young people who are also trying to navigate and negotiate these questions themselves. The 4 questions are universal human questions as well as being 4 spiritual questions.

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The All Terrain Podcast

A podcast that tackles universal questions about life and everyday issues. Available on Podbean, iTunes and Spotify.

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