Help us be there for those in need


Your regular gift can help us be there all the time.

A regular donation to The Salvation Army can help us to plan long-term and ensure that we can help as many people as we can in the months and years to come. We serve the local community through our 620 churches and community centres. 

What projects can my regular gift support?

  • Homelessness
  • Tackling poverty and social exclusion
  • Supporting older and isolated people
  • Getting people back into employment
  • Drug and Alcohol addiction

From providing hot meals and advice to people experiencing homelessness, to distributing food parcels to struggling families, The Salvation Army is always here to help. We cannot do so much without the generosity of our supporters. Will you consider setting up a regular gift today?

Please be assured that your gift will be used wisely. 91p in every pound we raise goes towards our charitable services. 

Stephen sitting in his home with a Christmas tree in the background, he is smiling in to the camera.
Whenever I weakened, I could call them, night or day, and they’d be here.
Stephen, resident at a Salvation Army Lifehouse