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Seeing people, not labels.

Homelessness is a reality of our society. From street homelessness to those battling addiction, the services we offer put the person and their needs at the centre of their support - enabling people to take control of their life circumstances.

  • Rough sleeping & street homelessness

    Meeting the immediate needs of people sleeping rough or on the streets

  • Drop-in centres

    A safe place to go offering practical support and services enabling people to make the first step to get off the streets

  • Assessment of need

    Acting as a bridge between people experiencing homelessness and the help they need to find a home 

  • Addiction Support

    Specialist detox centres, rehabilitation and support programmes to facilitate recovery and integration in the community

  • Accommodation in Lifehouses

    We put the person and their needs at the centre of housing and specialised support.

  • Moving on

    Specialised programmes to support people to be ready to move on to live on their own

  • Finding work & ongoing support

    Removing the barriers to work and helping people stay on their feet


  • Giving back

    A home, a job and giving back to the community

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