Volunteering with The Salvation Army helps us to make a difference to the lives of some of the most marginalised and underprivileged people.

We are looking to recruit more volunteers for our Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery (ATMS) Team, our charity shops and many other exciting roles around the territory such as our Befriender roles in Worthing or Wellbeing and Activities assistants in Denbighshire. Why not take a look at our full range of voluntary roles?

illustration showing a Salvation Army charity shop on the high street.

Corporate Volunteering

Check out the different ways in which you can volunteer with your organisation by clicking the link below.

Corporate Volunteering

Click on the links below to find out more about ways you can volunteer for The Salvation Army.

Charity shops

From sorting to window dressing, find your place in one of our friendly charity shop by volunteering today.

Volunteer with our community programmes

Find befriender, café, lunch club, foodbank and other roles serving at the heart of the community.

Children and families

Find roles volunteering with baby and toddler groups, child contact centres and youth clubs.


Help people experiencing homelessness move on with their lives.

Anti-trafficking and modern slavery

Find volunteering roles to support victims of modern slavery including drivers, chaperones, first responders and mentors.

Employability and debt advice programmes

Volunteer your time to support others, and to use and develop your skills in this area.

Short-term projects and online roles

Find remote roles and opportunities to use your skills to support short-term project work and programmes

Celebrating our volunteers

Read about some of the brilliant work being done by our volunteers across the UK.

Celebrating our amazing volunteers


“I’m humbled and very privileged to do it. You see lots of people needing support and you see how it helps.”

Meet Fiona

Fiona discusses how volunteering in the community café helps her mental health and allows her to give something back.


“Volunteering with The Salvation Army gives you an amazing feeling. I’d definitely recommend volunteering to anyone.”

Charity Shop Image

2-4 hours a week to spare?

We welcome all kinds of skills and experience in our friendly community charity shops.

Search our opportunities today