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Older People

A journey in later life...

It is a privilege to offer services to people who continue to make tremendous contributions to their families and in their communities. Our older generation deserve to be treated with dignity, have a say in what they want, to receive care when they require it and to have the opportunity to retain as much independence as possible.

  • Retirement

    Older people are often the backbone and heart of our churches, making incredible contributions to our communities

  • Activities to combat isolation

    Participating in meaningful activities within the community which bring fulfilment and ease possible isolation

  • Residential care

    Making later-life a time of fulfilment and enrichment for our older generation, to live with dignity and choice

  • Good neighbours & befriending

    Reaching out to serve lonely,
    isolated, struggling members of the
    local community

  • Eva Burrows Day Care Centre

    Our centre provides specialised support to older people with dementia and their families.