The Salvation Army welcomes you to the South and Mid Wales Division, which covers an area from Aberystwyth in the West to Newtown in Mid Wales, across to Newport in the East.

What's On

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13th April: Godley Play with Andrea Harrison at Llanelli

13th & 14th April: Morriston Songsters to Bristol Easton

14th April: Palm Sunday

19th April: Good Friday

19th & 21st April: Commissioners John & Dorita Wainwright to Swansea; Easter Celebrations 

21st April: Easter Sunday

21st April: Divisional Leaders to Abertillery and Divisional Mission Enablers to Tenby


4th & 5th May: Cadets Clare & Matt Kinsey to Morriston Candidates Weekend

4th to 6th May: Living Wild Weekend; LoadedUK

10th May: Divisional Prayer & Praise at Penarth

11th & 12th May: Teritorial Leaders to Pentre; Corps 140th Anniversary Celebrartions 

12th May: Lieutenant Andrew Williams to Penarth

12th & 13th May: Major David Bettridge to Swansea; Adult & Family Ministry Weekend

14th to 16th May: Officers Retreat at Penyard House (Closed Date) 

17th May: Divisional Fellowship Band playing at Cardiff Bay Norwegian Church

18th & 19th May: Captain Pauline Milner to Pontypool; Prayer Weekend

19th & 20th May: Major David Bettridge to Abertillery: Home & Family Weekend

30th May: Ascension Day


3rd to 9th June: National Voluenteer Week - Divisional Celerbration 7th June

8th & 9th June: Majors David & Denise Wise to Bristol Kingswood Corps Anniversary

9th June: Pentecost Sunday

15th June: Cardiff Canton Songsters to Bristol Citadel

15th & 16th June: Regent Hall Songsters to Risca Corps

20th June: Youth Worker Gathering - Venue to be confirmed

29th June: The Worship Gathering Summer Social (Closed Date) - Venue to be confirmed

29th & 30th June: Morriston Songsters to Cradley Heath Corps Anniversary

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Major George Baker

Major George Baker

Divisional Commander

Major Jeanne Baker

Major Jeanne Baker

Divisional Leader for Leader Development

Major Kim Wilson

Major Kim Wilson

Divisional Mission Enabler

Major Steve Wilson

Divisional Mission Enabler