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What's On

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May- June


8th Youth Band Rehearsal - Thetford

9th Divisional Mission Development Council & Safeguarding Board - DHQ

19th - 21st Design for Life Weekend - WBC

22nd Divisional Operations Board - DHQ

26th Brengle Institute - Sunbury Court 



2nd - 4th Assessment Conference - WBC

3rd Symphony Sounds - Birmingham

4th Music Leader's Conference - TBC

13th Divisional Mission Development Council - DHQ

17th Divisional Fun Day - DISS

26th Divisional Operations Board - DHQ

26th Youth Band Rehearsal - Thetford



5th Covenant Day - WBC

8th Commisioning Day - Westminster Central

9th Farewell Sunday  

11th Divisional Mission Development Council - DHQ

14th Youth Chorus Pizza Night - TBC

15th Family Fun day - TBC

23rd Welcome Sunday

24th Divisional Operations Board - DHQ

29th- 4th Summer College - WBC



14th-19th ACE Summer Schoo -l Culford School

21st Divisional Operations Board - DHQ

September -October


1st Design for Life Weekend (1st – 3rd) - WBC

12th Divisional Mission Development Council & Safegaurding Board - DHQ

18th Youth Band Rehearsal - Thetford


22nd-24th Transformers - St. Mark’s College, Saffron Walden

24th Back to Church Sunday

25th Divisional Operations Board - DHQ

30th Public Welcome to Cadets (30th – 1st October) - WBC



1st Anglia Youth Councils

3rd - 6th Territorial leaders' Conference - Warwick

9th Youth Band Rehearsal - Theford 

10th Divisional Mission Development Council - DHQ

13th Territorial Advisory Council - WBC

14th  Safe & Sound 2 Training - TBC


23rd Divisional Operations Board - DHQ

25th Territorial Councils (25th – 27th) - TBC

30th Territorial Councils (30th – 1st November) - TBC

November -December


7th Pre-Retirement Seminar - High Leigh

13th Youth Band Rehearsal - Thetford

14th Divisional Mission Development Council & Safeguarding Board - DHQ

16th Safeguarding for Everyone (Adults) Training - TBC

17th-18th Transformers - St. Mark’s College, Saffron Walden

20th Divisional Operations Board - DHQ



3rd Appointments Conference (3rd – 7th) - Sunbury Court

18th Divisional Operations Board - DHQ

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Major Derek Jones

Divisional Commander

Major Susan Jones

Divisional Leader for Leader Development

Major Allister Versfeld

Divisional Mission Enabler

Major Kathleen Versfeld

Divisional Mission Enabler

Andy Woodhouse

Divisional Relationship Manager

Ruth Beattie

Divisional Youth Specialist

Carol Dale

Secretarial Support

Rachel Renwick

Admin Support