Serve Others Without Discrimination

The Salvation Army responds to people without discrimination. God calls us to be with the people we serve.

In ‘being with’ people – as against ‘doing for’ people – together we find solutions and make progress because we are all made in the image of God. We are called to share love in a too often loveless world. ‘Love God, Love Others’ inspires every aspect of our work. 

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The Salvation Army relies on the generous support of volunteers to help serve those that we work with. Throughout the pandemic the love, commitment and care shown by volunteers has been evident and was needed more than ever.  

Find out how Great Yarmouth Salvation Army volunteers were thanked for their work in the pandemic. 

Volunteer recruitment material

To help you recruit volunteers a package of material has been developed

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Intercultural Welcome Resources

A poster and leaflets are available in a variety of languages to help welcome people into your church. 

Intercultural Welcome Resources

Emergency Response 

The Salvation Army in the UK with Ireland focuses its international work around six themes, one of those being emergency response. There are several ways in which people can support this work so we would encourage those who are interested to use the contact details to order resources, get involved in advocacy or fundraising.  


Atlas for Corps and Community is a bespoke database from the Mission Service, led by Community Services that provides meaningful data about the effectiveness of your local community outreach.  

“This puts the information that we need to support people in one place. It is easy to use, and it is so easy to pull up information or statistics"

Research and Development - 'Serving others' success story

Lincoln Corps has had a single storey extension with foyer, kitchen, toilets and mission space . This has enabled the corps to work towards meeting identified community needs alongside local partner agencies . It has also provided space to expand Employment Plus and homelessness drop-in services. 


Share the Good News

At the heart of The Salvation Army’s mission is a passion to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ far and wide.

Nurture Disciples of Jesus

People can experience a fuller life while we are on Earth – we don’t have to wait until we die. God longs for justice for all people.

Care for Creation

The Salvation Army is committed to helping change attitudes, resulting in a more responsible use of our planet.

Seek Justice and Reconciliation

People can experience a fuller life while we are on Earth – we don’t have to wait until we die. God longs for justice for all people.