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Vision and Commitment, Helping Hand Appeal, Candidates Sunday and more.

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Resources to support you in your worship and discipleship during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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online worship

NEW: Online Worship Ideas

We've pulled together some of the great ways people have found to stay connected and engaged during their online worship.


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The Salvation Army's COVID response

A schools resource exploring how The Salvation Army has helped throughout the pandemic.

Feeding Hope

Helping Hand Appeal 2021 focuses on supporting families and their communities, feeding hope to farmers now and for generations to come.

Into the Wild

A year-long journey of prayer to help you experience God’s presence as never before.

Coronavirus: Resources for Lockdown

A collection of resources to support the discipleship of individuals, families, groups and the wider church.

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Music resources to support the mission of The Salvation Army

Youth and children

We raise leaders and young people in the tradition of social change and justice.

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Inspiring, informing and challenging people to develop their prayer life.

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Explore our resources to helps transform lives internationally