Share the Good News

At the heart of The Salvation Army’s mission is a passion to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ far and wide.

As a Mission Service we do what we do because our inspiration and vision come from peoples’ ongoing relationship with Jesus. We know the difference our relationship with God makes in our lives and we don’t want anyone to miss out.

See the latest resources, stories and events that focus on this mission priority.

Sharing Jesus!

The Salvation Army has partnered with Fresh Expressions and Hope Together to launch ‘Sharing Jesus’, a resource designed to help people add a spiritual dimension to what they’re already doing. It focuses on seven themes with short videos and questions for sharing Jesus in a new worshipping community, Fresh Expression of church, missional community or church plant as well as community groups.

Who is this Jesus Anyway Leaflet Cover

‘Who is this Jesus anyway?’

This is a leaflet for helping you reach out to non-Christians, new Christians and for those that want to learn more about Jesus. Visit the website to order copies.

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Sharing about The Salvation Army

With the easing of lockdown restrictions and corps and centres restarting or commencing new activities, information about The Salvation Army may be useful for the local community:

Outreach through dance

Dance can be a great way to engage with the community and share the message of the gospel. MACA have created three dance-based resources, for toddlers up until adults, to engage people in a holistic way. Explore some of these resources below.

Dance Fit FM

A dance-based exercise class set to Christian music.


Dance Fit and Fellowship

Combining fellowship and light exercise.


Dance Fit Tots

A parent-and-toddler resource filled with singing, listening, dancing and worship.

Discipleship, Families

Godly Play

Godly Play helps children and adults engage creatively with Scripture through play. Contact Major Liesl Baldwin, Territorial Godly Play Support Officer who can also redirect you to Godly Play storytellers who can share how it’s impacting their nearby missional context.

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Research and Development - 'Sharing the Good News' success story

From the Development aspect, the team have recently helped to purchase a new space for Bishop’s Stortford corps who have been hiring for many years. This new building will allow them to be a visible point of reference, from which they go out into the community.

RD Good news

Other Mission Priorities

Serve Others Without Discrimination

The Salvation Army responds to people without discrimination. God calls us to be with the people we serve.

Nurture Disciples of Jesus

People can experience a fuller life while we are on Earth – we don’t have to wait until we die. God longs for justice for all people.

Care for Creation

The Salvation Army is committed to helping change attitudes, resulting in a more responsible use of our planet.

Seek Justice and Reconciliation

People can experience a fuller life while we are on Earth – we don’t have to wait until we die. God longs for justice for all people.