Seek Justice and Reconciliation

People can experience a fuller life while we are on Earth – we don’t have to wait until we die. God longs for justice for all people

Therefore, the Mission Service will speak out against injustice. We fight not simply the effects of injustice but also the systems and structures that enable injustice. Seeking reconciliation is also an essential part of Salvation Army life. Justice and reconciliation are vital activities to achieving ‘Our Vision’ of ‘fullness of life for all with Jesus’.

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Refugee Response

There are so many ways corps and centres can support refugees and asylum seekers. Some ideas that are already happening around the territory include:

  • English language classes at no cost
  • Safe spaces to make new friends or to enjoy a meal
  • Engagement through carer and toddler groups
  • Sunday worship
  • Midweek activities such as sports sessions or intergenerational activities
  • Practical assistance through food banks and baby banks

Exploring Community Sponsorship

Stepney (in partnership with other local churches), have been one of the latest corps in the territory to welcome a refugee family through the community sponsorship programme.

Read more about their journey in The War Cry

Stay connected with The Salvation Army’s refugee response via the Facebook group or contact Ben Still, Refugee Response Manager at


How can my community support victims of human trafficking and modern slavery?

Email​for further information or call the helpline 0800 808 3733 if you suspect someone is a victim of modern slavery.


Family Tracing

Helping to reconcile family members

Contact the Family Tracing Service if people in your community are looking for a family member. Being a link between the service and those in your care is a really important part of the reconciliation process.

Find out more

Seeking justice globally

  • Helping Hand: Find out how people at your corps, of all ages, can help bring hope to farmers.
  • Develop Podcast: Tune in to hear from practitioners around the world as they seek to tackle poverty and injustice.
  • Explore It!: 4 weeks’ worth of kids discipleship material exploring social justice issues.
  • Cell material focusing on social justice.
  • ISJC: Stay connected to the moral and social justice issues affecting the wider Salvation Army.


Other Mission Priorities

Share the Good News

At the heart of The Salvation Army’s mission is a passion to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ far and wide.

Serve Others Without Discrimination

The Salvation Army responds to people without discrimination. God calls us to be with the people we serve.

Nurture Disciples of Jesus

People can experience a fuller life while we are on Earth – we don’t have to wait until we die. God longs for justice for all people.

Care for Creation

The Salvation Army is committed to helping change attitudes, resulting in a more responsible use of our planet.