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The Salvation Army have many years of experience of lobbying successive Governments on Gambling policy. 

We were instrumental in helping lobby on the 2005 Gambling Act so that no ‘Super’ Casinos were built in the UK. However in recent years the huge growth in internet gambling and in the spread of addictive slot machines to high street bookmakers have each contributed to fresh public concern about the social harm gambling can cause. 

Salvation Army spokespeople have appeared regularly in the news and in front of politicians and Government Ministers. Our message has been consistent, more gambling industry funding for gambling research and treatment, as well as more effective licencing and planning powers for local authorities coupled with better controls for vulnerable individuals.

Useful links

Download a copy of NewStatesman - Stories from The Front Line ' The Cost To Britain's Highstreets'  Listen to Gareth Wallace, Public Affairs Adviser from The Salvation Army on BBC Radio 4 Moral Maze