We campaign to give a voice to the vulnerable. We speak with decision makers so they are aware of the needs the people we work with have, whether that's employment, universal credit or housing.

Man looking sad with family

Future-proof the Roof

Our new report outlines how homelessness and rough sleeping will soar if the Government fails to properly fund homelessness support services.

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Coronavirus campaigning response

The outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) has set an unprecedented challenge for individuals, communities, and governments across the UK.

Homelessness policy

Homelessness is increasing, we are working to protect the most vulnerable

Employment and social security policy

We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work

UK Shared Prosperity Fund

We urge the government to halt the expansion of Universal Credit until it is a system that works for everyone


Access to Universal Credit

The Salvation Army is warning that millions could be at risk of being unable to access their benefits due to faults in the Universal Credit system. We are asking that unless the Government provide more support for people to apply, vulnerable people will struggle to access their benefits.

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