Cost of living crisis

Help for those hit the hardest by rising costs

The rise in the cost of living has hit everyone, but for those already struggling to make ends meet, it’s been devastating.  It’s also a major blow for deprived areas of the UK that are already in desperate need of Levelling Up with the rest of the country to move people out of poverty.

Helping those in immediate need

We are responding to the needs of people up and down the country who cannot feed their families, heat their homes or pay their bills. Our officers are on the ground in the country’s poorest communities providing food, shelter, employment and debt advice and see first-hand how the cost of living crisis is pushing people into a poverty spiral.

We are also campaigning for the Government to provide immediate help for those worst affected by the cost of living crisis by calling for:

  • Temporary replacement of Universal Credit loans with grants until the cost of living crisis has been resolved.
  • The waiting time for a Universal Credit first payment to be reduced from six to two weeks, so people aren’t forced into debt.
  • Existing Universal Credit debt to be included in the Government's 60 day 'Breathing Space' scheme, giving people more time to make repayments.

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A long-term solution to poverty

People in poverty need more than a hand out, they need a hand up if they are to escape poverty for good. We are calling on the Government to combine emergency support with long term sustainable investment in deprived parts of the country that will tackle regional inequalities in jobs and wages to level up the UK.

We are calling for:

  • A new cross-Government task force to tackle, with empathy and compassion, the reasons people are not earning and are trapped in poverty, by improving education and employment locally so they can achieve a decent standard of living.
  • Free childcare provision to be expanded so parents can afford to work or train - this must include ensuring children from less-well off households are not receiving fewer Early Years hours than their more well-off peers.

Queen’s speech fails to address the cost of living emergency

We are calling for immediate help for those worst affected by the cost of living crisis.

Press release
10 May 2022

Cookery project helps tackle poverty and isolation

The Victory Programme is a six-week course teaching cooking and budgeting skills.

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7 Apr 2022

Preston food bank depleted as cost-of-living crisis worsens

Our Preston Corps declare shelves almost empty as demand soars with more people pushed into poverty.

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5 Apr 2022

Stornoway Salvation Army responds to cost of living crisis

Rising energy and food prices leaving islanders needing support.

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28 Mar 2022