Grants Scheme

grants for youths and children

The Youth & Children's Ministries team at Territorial Headquarters (THQ) is committed to equipping and developing youth and children’s leaders so they can perform their roles effectively.

Provisions have been made that enable grants to be offered for:

  • Supporting volunteer youth and children’s leaders in developing themselves by attending training courses, conferences, formal study, accredited courses, and by attaining role-related professional qualifications.
  • Supporting young people (youth and children aged 5-25) in leading and participating in a local project.
  • Supporting volunteer youth and children’s leaders with resources, such as teaching materials and equipment.
  • An initial investment for starting up a new Outreach activity, such as a children or youth club focused on reaching young people within the community.

For paid youth and children’s leaders, the funding route for training is through SISTAD. Find out more.

Youth and Children's grants

We have a number of grants youth and children's leaders can apply for. You can download the applications forms, information document and evaluation forms below. 

Application forms

Grants Scheme

Leader Development form

Young People's Leader Development Course

Grants Scheme

Resource grants

Resource Grant Form

Grants Scheme

Young People Start Up Grants

Help and support for young people starting out


Youth and children's network Grant

Application for Youth and Children's network grant

Grants Scheme

Workers Training Grant

Training grant for volunteer youth leaders

Grants Scheme

Young People Participation Grant

Local grant for helping young people in participation

Information and evaluation


Youth and Children grant evaluation form

Evaluation form for Youth and Children's grants


Youth_Children Leader Grants Explained

Information document outlining the different grants and who they are for.


Get in touch with Youth and Children's ministries

Children's resources

Resources designed to inspire children and equip them to be effective disciples of Jesus


We believe there is a spark of leadership in every person, find out how we can help you

Youth resources

Our resources have been developed to equip youth workers and young people