Meet Natasha

Natasha and Kylie
Natasha with fellow volunteer Kylie.

Natasha started volunteering at Lowestoft Citadel Salvation Army in 2018. She got in touch with The Salvation Army after her parents volunteered with The Salvation Army on Christmas Day.

Natasha is a single mum who is keen to help her community. She says: “I know how tough life can be.”

Alongside her job supporting families as a parenting group facilitator, Natasha volunteers in her spare time. Once a month she supports a dog shelter and once a month she serves meals at The Salvation Army’s community lunch for people experiencing homelessness and poverty.

She recognises homelessness is an important social issue and believes: “Everyone has the right to a warm meal.”

While her smile and laughter clearly make a difference to the guests she serves meals to, it’s clear that Natasha also benefits from volunteering.

She says: “Everyone is so grateful. It makes you appreciate the little things because you don’t know when you’ll need help.

“Volunteering with The Salvation Army gives you an amazing feeling. I’d definitely recommend volunteering to anyone.”