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Public Affairs & Policy

  • Latest Campaign: Adult Social Care

    We’re campaigning for the adult social care system to be built on inclusion, choice and fairness.
  • Key Policy Areas

    Public Affairs and Policy team seek to represent the needs of vulnerable people.
  • Party conferences

    Meeting Christians and other politicians within the three main parties

  • Localism

    Find out how The Salvation Army's Public Affairs Unit liaises with Local Government
  • Past Elections

    We seek to inspire voters to ask questions about the things that matter to them


‘Lobbying government to prioritise the needs of the most vulnerable’

Our Public Affairs Unit seeks to influence social policy decision making to further the interests of the most vulnerable in society. We strive to promote the interests of the people we serve by building relationships and lobbying local government, devolved national governments and the UK government.

Our team represents and defends the work of The Salvation Army in the UK and Republic of Ireland in the political and policy sphere to achieve greater social justice. We aim to make sure that social policy remains a political priority. Below you can find our most recent work on our key policy areas, elections, and news updates.

Contact us

The public affairs team would be pleased to hear from you on issues relating to the public affairs agenda. Comments are welcome.

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