Transforming Lives Through Employability Support

New report finds 1.6 Million people don't get the support they need to get back into work.

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We support people who are struggling to find work every day through our Employment Plus service. Our experience is that people, with the right support and empowerment, can transform their lives. 

Employment gives people independence, can keep people healthy, and supports their families.

Our new report shines a light on the invisible 1.6 million ’real unemployed’ who are not receiving government support but who are desperate to get back into work. 

Those who do want to work often face barriers such as disability, illness, a lack of skills, or caring responsibilities. Supporting people who have been held back from work for many years takes time but the investment in people has a positive ripple effect. 

The longer people are out of the work force, the harder it will be to support them into work. True economic prosperity comes when jobs are created and those who can work are job ready.
Rebecca Keating, Director of Employment Services
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Transforming Lives Through Employability Support

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In this report, we draw on published labour market data from the United Kingdom’s (UK) Office For National Statistics (ONS) to show that in the UK, only half (1.6 million) of the 3.2 million people who are out of work and want a job, receive mainstream employability support through the social security system. 

Millions want to work but get no support

New report finds that 1.6 million people who want to work are being held back from employment.

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