Contemporary music

How contemporary music amplifies our mission

Contemporary Music in the Salvation Army

If you are in a contemporary music group within the Salvation Army, including worship bands, big bands or other forms of music worship, we have materials and resources for you.

You can also find new contemporary worship songs by Hillsong, Worship Central, Elevation Worship, etc.

At a local level we have opportunities to be involved in contemporary music through creative arts days, and contemporary music workshops. Throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, we offer many opportunities to engage in contemporary worship through Divisional Summer Schools, creative arts days and worship seminars and workshops.

We have a desire to see new forms of music making within The Salvation Army and to give everyone an opportunity to engage in a style of music worship that will help them to grow deeper in their relationship with God.

Supporting the local mission

The Music and Creative Arts (MACA) team are currently developing leadership training based on the Join the Crescendo material which can be offered on a local or divisional basis. The regional MACA specialists work to support and resource local missions in your area. 

If you require particular training, mentoring or support, contact your regional MACA specialist who will be happy to help you. Or contact us to learn more.

Whether it’s utilising our resources and publications, singing at Sunday worship or attending one of our music schools, there are plenty of ways to engage with God and the people in your community through contemporary music.

New Worship Tool - A New Song

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.” Psalm 40:3

There are some beautiful hymns in our church today; hymns that provide a biblical and doctrinal grounding for our faith, which we should continue to celebrate and to sing. However, we are called to sing to a new song to our God as a new expression of our love. God loves his people praising him! Music and Creative Arts have provided a new tool to help worship teams, Corps Officers and music leaders find new songs amongst the many and varied available today.

We pray this tool will encourage you to sing ‘A new song’! 

Download your copy by clicking on the song title.

Song 5 - Who You Say I Am

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