Food Security


Food Security is one of The Salvation Army International Development UK's five areas of work.

We are working with communities around the world to overcome food insecurity. 

The Salvation Army in the United Kingdom and Ireland territory supports a number of Food Security projects around the world such as facilitating training for small-scale farmers in Zimbabwe, Mali and Burkina Faso.

By supporting communities to make the best use of their land, especially as they battle the effects of climate change, they will be better equipped to overcome malnutrition and lift themselves out of poverty.

Salvation Army Conservation Farming, Zimbabwe

Support international food security projects

Photo man stood with onion harvest
Salomon with his onion harvest
I am happy with my harvest as this year I won't have to buy corn for my family.
Salomon, Lead Farmer

Increasing Resilience of Small-Scale Farmers, Burkina Faso

The Salvation Army in Burkina Faso is working alongside small-scale farmers to help them improve the soil on their land and boost their harvests.

Farmers learn agroecological farming methods and how to make liquid fertiliser. This means they no longer need to buy expensive synthetic fertiliser, which can damage the soil. Through this project, farmers learn together and improve their lives together.  

Salomon is one of the lead farmers. He grows onions and cereals on his land. He used a combination of compost and liquid fertilizer to accelerate the growth of crops because of a lack of water. He said:

“I decided to apply my learning and make some changes in my farming methods, I am happy with my harvest as this year I won't have to buy corn for my family's food. I have improved the quality of my family's diet and our income. From the sale of my harvest, I could afford to repair my old bicycle which my son now uses to get to school”.

As lead farmer, Salomon mobilised his group of farmers to establish a cooperative store for their harvest. This means they can sell when the demand is high, and the prices are highest, ensuring the farmers benefit from all their hard work.

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