Clean Water

Our international work is divided into six themes: Anti-Trafficking, Clean Water, Emergency Response, Food Security, Gender Justice and Income Generation. We work alongside communities to support projects in each of these areas. We are also responsible for overseeing the transfer of funds for the UK’s Mission Support Allocation (money donated through the annual Self-Denial Appeal).

We support a number of Clean Water projects such as spring protection in the Democratic Republic of Congo, constructing school toilets in Malawi and installing rainwater harvesting tanks in Kenya. By improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities, The Salvation Army is supporting communities to become healthier and more able to use their time and skills on education and income generation activities.

Spring Protection, Democratic Republic of Congo
Spring protection project in DRC
We have been trained about how to protect our spring and to keep it clean all the time. We have now understood that water is life!
Suzanne, Village Chief in Mianzi, DRC

Spring Protection, DRC

The Salvation Army has been working with over 30 different communities in Seke Banza in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to improve access and protection of drinking water from both springs and wells in rural areas. The project has supported communities to construct concrete protection around their natural water sources, and also provided education and training on hygiene.

The local communities were actively involved in the project through gathering sand, stones and other materials to build the spring protection, helping technicians with labour during construction and providing them with food. Receiving training in topics such as sanitation and hygiene, and how to care for the protected spring means that communities can be self-sustaining for years to come.

Through this project, 90 natural water sources have been protected and over 28,000 people have been reached through awareness raising activities regarding the prevention of water-borne diseases.


Installing Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, Kenya

Geofrey is 40 years old and lives with his wife and four children in Kilome, Kenya. As there was no water source close by, it would often take Geofrey up to four hours to collect water from the local river. Carrying water on his shoulders for great distances started to cause Geofrey health problems. It also meant that valuable time was taken away from income-generating activities such as farming and the small business Geofrey was trying to run. As part of The Salvation Army’s water project, Geofrey obtained a rain-harvesting tank.

‘I now have access to clean water. My children are no longer in danger of getting water-borne diseases. The pressure is gone and I engage in my small business and small-scale farming to get income for my family.’ – Geofrey, Kenya



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