Night Shelters

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Night shelters are a type of temporary accommodation for people experiencing homelessness who would otherwise be sleeping rough.

Night shelters meet people's basic needs, offering a warm bed and a safe place to sleep. Some offer a shower and a hot meal.

Salvation Army night shelters support people in securing employment and housing, as well as in accessing training and other support. Some night shelters also offer specialist input for mental health issues and drug and alcohol use issues.

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Night shelters are often set up during winter to provide people protection from severe weather. Some night shelters are opened in purpose-designed buildings, others are based in our corps buildings. We also work with other churches in the local area and take it in turns to host the shelter.

Most of our services operate on a referral basis to ensure that we support the people who need it most. If you are homeless, at risk of homelessness or concerned about someone who is, the best place to contact is usually your local council.

If you live in an area with two councils – it is the council that you pay your council tax to who will be able to help you. You can contact our services directly, but they may ask you to contact the council first.

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