Floating Support and Outreach Services

Homeless floating support

Floating support and outreach services are ‘visiting support’ services to people in the community.

The support is not linked to a specific building or type of accommodation and is not normally provided by someone’s landlord.

Floating support services are for people who need support to live in their own community based accommodation. Sometimes floating support is provided to people who have previously lived in supported accommodation such as a Lifehouse (or hostel) and who will be moving in to their own flat or house within the community. Floating support helps people to remain living independently in their own home. It often helps to prevent people becoming homeless by either resolving a housing crisis; or ensuring that one doesn’t develop.

People who are taking on a new tenancy might need some support to move in and set up home. For example, they may need referral for a low cost furniture package; help to connect up their gas, electricity or water; set a budget or ensure that their claim for Universal Credit or other benefits is being paid. Floating support workers can help to support new and existing tenants with health issues such as drug or alcohol problems or getting access to physical and mental health services. We can help with developing a range of life skills from reading a meter to helping people get back to work.

It does not help with ‘personal care’ – if you need help with things like bathing, getting dressed, or getting in and out of bed, contact your local authority’s social services department.

Most of our floating support services operate on a referral basis – this is to help ensure that we support the people that need it most. If you are worried about your housing situation or concerned about someone else, the best place to contact is usually your local council and speak to the Homelessness or Housing Options Service. If you live in an area with two councils – it is the council that you pay your council tax to who will be able to help you. If they think that a floating support service can help you, they will refer you to us.

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