Chaplaincy services

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There to offer a friendly, confidential and independent ear 

The majority of our Lifehouses offer a chaplaincy service. A chaplain is usually a Salvation Army Officer appointed to offer a friendly, confidential and independent listening ear. The chaplain will often lead Christian worship and celebrate or commemorate festivals or national events. They will help with organising or facilitating events within the Lifehouse, to bring people together with a real sense of community.

Chaplains will sometimes be called on to respond in times of crisis to offer the comfort which pastoral support and spiritual care brings. Chaplains may also help individuals or groups to consider how positive spirituality can strengthen their well-being.

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The chaplaincy service is for residents and staff of all faiths; people that are exploring ideas of faith – and people that have no faith. The chaplain is an important part of the 'whole person' support given to those who come into our services and will be part of the welcome that a person receives when they arrive to one of our Lifehouses. A chaplain is available for everyone, to share in both the joys and sorrows of life.

People who live in our Lifehouses can access the chaplain a number of ways. They can go to the chaplain’s room; ask a member of staff to set up a meeting – or turn up at an event that the chaplain has organised.

‘Chaplaincy' is well established and is offered in many other areas of life such as hospitals, airports, prisons, education and the armed forces. The Salvation Army believes that we should offer this to people who are currently experiencing homelessness and people who work alongside them.

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