Clean Water


Clean Water is one of The Salvation Army International Development UK's six areas of work.

We are working with communities around the world to access clean water and improved sanitation. 

The Salvation Army in the United Kingdom and Ireland territory supports Clean Water projects around the world, including spring protection in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the construction of school toilets in Malawi and the installation of rainwater harvesting tanks in Kenya.

By improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities, The Salvation Army is supporting communities to become healthier and more able to use their time and skills on education and income generation activities.

Clean Water

Support international clean water projects

The Salvation Army came to us when we were suffering and they have given us hope.
Grace Mutiso (Chairlady, Kilome Sand Dam)
Kilome - Grace Mituso

Kilome Sand Dam, Kenya

In Kilome, Kenya, people were struggling to access clean water. The Salvation Army worked alongside the community to construct a sand dam.

Sand dams are concrete structures which are built across riverbeds during the dry season. During the rainy season water collects in the sand dam which is naturally filtered, and can then be accessed year-round.

Grace Mutiso is one of the people who has been part of the project. She is Chairlady for the group that was formed during the project. She said:

We earned our living by selling sisal and ropes, doing casual jobs and small-scale farming. We used to waste many hours travelling to look for water.

My dream – if I could access water – was to plant vegetables to sell, and plant trees to change our local area. I could farm and earn income. I could then make bricks to build a good house.

Through the Salvation Army, we have gained water. Personally, I have saved a lot of time and money not having to search for water. I have a kitchen garden which gives enough vegetables for my family and when there are many I also share with my neighbours. I have also been able to construct a toilet in my homestead.

Kilome - Sand Dam
Improved vegetation as a result of the sand dam

We have also improved health and hygiene in the community. We have learnt about waterborne diseases as well as nutrition. Now we have safe and clean water to drink so we are less vulnerable to diseases. We no longer need to use our money for hospital treatments.

Through the sand dam project, we have been joined together as community. We have formed a savings and loans group which has strengthened our relationships and our community welfare. We received training with The Salvation Army on savings and loans and now there is circulation of funds within our community. It has motivated us to save, loan and start small businesses.

This is a happy community because of The Salvation Army. I have learnt how I can change my life and live a good life.

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