Hadleigh Farm

Visit us! We are a commercial farm, with a rare breeds centre, a tearoom, a place of natural beauty, committed to environmental and social progress, and home to an English Heritage site.

Where we are

Hadleigh Farm Estate, Castle Lane
United Kingdom

Email address: hfeadmin@salvationarmy.org.uk

Phone: 01702 426260

51.5468649, 0.6057923

Children's Party at The Hub Cafe 21 December
Christmas Film at the Hub Cafe 22 December

Rare Breeds Centre

The Rare Breeds Centre is now closed for the Winter. Thank you to all those who visited this year and we look forward to welcoming you back in Spring 2024.

Hadleigh Training Centre

For 122 years Hadleigh Farm has been a place where people come to receive training and develop the skills they need to succeed in whatever they want to do.

Hub Cafe at Hadleigh Park

The Hub Café at Hadleigh Park offers a range of freshly prepared homemade food. We believe in sustainability and minimizing negative impact on the world around us.

Hadleigh Tearoom

Welcome to our new trainee-led Tearoom, you’ll notice a difference! Please visit our booking system to book for the tearoom.

Our Mission.

Our Mission flows through all we do, we have a specific team that are blessed to be able to run regular weekly activities that we would love to welcome you to. To read more, click the button below.

The work carried out across the Hadleigh Farm Estate reflects The Salvation Army's core Mission, 'Love God, Love Others'.

Hadleigh Farm has evolved over the last 122 years. Today we are a commercial farm, a place of natural beauty, committed to environmental and social progress, and home to an English Heritage site.

We combine our commitment to environmental conservation with family fun at our rare breeds centre. People of all ages will love our rare sheep, ponies, pigs and poultry.

So if you are interested in nature or history, whether you want a place for treasured family memories watching your children our sheep and goats or are simply looking to immerse yourself in the idyllic English countryside then Hadleigh Farm is perfect for you.

Green Tourism award

We are pleased to have been awarded the Green Tourism Silver Award, recognising our commitment to the environment and the steps we are taking to become a sustainable site. 

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