Rare Breeds Centre

at Hadleigh Farm

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About our rare breeds

As a Rare Breeds centre our aim is to help conserve and promote the UK's Rare Breeds Livestock through education and breeding programmes.

Our Rare Breeds include:

A long-wool sheep at the Rare Breeds Centre on Hadleigh Farm
Leicester Longwools are one of the rarest native breeds in the UK with fewer than 500 registered ewes.
Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Hadleigh Training Centre

For 122 years Hadleigh Farm has been a place where people come to receive training and develop the skills they need to succeed in whatever they want to do.

Hub Cafe at Hadleigh Park

The Hub Café at Hadleigh Park offers a range of freshly prepared homemade food. We believe in sustainability and minimizing negative impact on the world around us.

Hadleigh Tearoom

Welcome to our new trainee-led Tearoom, you’ll notice a difference! Please visit our booking system to book for the tearoom.

Our Mission

Our Mission flows through all we do, we have a specific team that are blessed to be able to run regular weekly activities that we would love to welcome you to.