Help us fight for Clean Water in 2023

Give the gift of clean water

More than 1.5 billion people around the world do not have access to clean water, this impacts people's health and limits their opportunities.

Water is more than a drink...

It is children thriving. It is continued education. It is time to build your business. It is the potential for equal opportunities. It is economic independence.

Water is life!

In communities where water vulnerability is a daily reality, people are working together to find solutions.

In Malawi, The Salvation Army is journeying with different schools and communities in the northern district of Karonga as they identify opportunities to improve access to clean water and promote hygiene and sanitation.

There are many elements to this far-reaching, integrated project, such as drilling boreholes, constructing toilet blocks and handwashing facilities in schools, conducting agricultural training for food security, and raising awareness about gender equality.

This is just one of the Clean Water projects that The Salvation Army in the United Kingdom and Ireland Territory supports.

A gift of:

£15 could give a person clean water for life through access to a sand dam

£45 could provide training in the maintenance of boreholes

£470 could construct a toilet in a school

Mary, a young black girl, stands smiling at the camera

Meet Mary

Mary shares how new toilet blocks have improved access to education for girls in her school.

Watch here

How you can help

All money raised through the 2023 Helping-Hand Appeal will go towards supporting future Clean Water projects. The Helping-Hand Appeal is an annual collaboration between the Family Ministries Unit and International Development UK.

Here are a few ways you could raise money for Helping-Hand 2023 either individually or as part of a team:

SPEND A PENNY, GIVE A POUND: Over the course of one day (or longer, if you choose) donate £1 for each time you use the loo! Download the poster to display in your building. Use the 'Toilet Tally' resource to keep count then donate here.

WATER WALK: Organise a sponsored walk along a canal or river, or challenge people to carry a full bucket or container of water.

WATER FAST: Give up all drinks but water for two weeks and donate the money you save to the appeal. You could also collect sponsorship for completing this challenge.

WATER TAX: Every time you use water over a set period of time, put some money aside as a ‘water tax’, and donate the amount to the appeal.

GENEROSITY JAR: Keep a container/jar in your home or on your group's registration desk where people can pop in their spare change throughout the Appeal.

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