Breathing Space

Help people struggling with debt to get a 60-day breathing space

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As the aftermath of Covid19 continues to bite, we are concerned that thousands of families are caught in a debt spiral as they struggle to pay for the basics like food and electricity.

Government action has been swift to cushion the fallout from the pandemic for many. However, their financial support schemes are coming to an end leaving many more people facing a black hole of unmanageable debt.

How you can help

The Salvation Army is calling for the Government to include Universal Credit (UC) Advance Payments in the Debt Respite Scheme - the 60-day ‘breathing space’ where enforcement action from creditors is paused for people with problem debt. However, Government loans, including Advance Payments for UC claimants, are not included in this respite. Many people rely on these loans to make ends meet whilst their UC claim is processed.

Please stand with us to help alleviate the burden of debt for those in need. Email your MP today to add your voice.

Our debt advice centres

The Salvation Army has 22 debt advice centres across the UK providing practical advice and pastoral care for people struggling with problem debt.

Over the past year, our service has been through the most challenging period due to Covid19 with lockdown measures preventing us from continuing our normal face to face service. In response, we both expanded and adapted our system to move online to ensure we could still support the most vulnerable in our communities when they faced unimaginable hardship.

The Salvation Army’s debt advisers still hear distressing stories from people every day who cannot see a way through their difficult circumstances. Our debt advice service provides a light at the end of the tunnel and helps people navigate their way through to find long-term sustainable solutions.

We can prove that providing support to help people manage debt, can save families from poverty whilst ensuring creditors are paid.

Please stand with us to help alleviate the burden of debt for those in need. Email your MP today to add your voice.

Meet Amy

When Amy needed money quickly, she turned to a loan shark so she could pay her bills and her debt soon spiralled out of control.

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