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Open Learning correspondence courses are available to everyone and offers adults over the age of 18 the opportunity to explore the Bible and learn more about the Christian Church and its beliefs. Open Learning students can be Christians or enquirers, of any religious persuasion or none.

With three different levels of study available, it is not necessary to have studied before in order to apply for one of our courses. Some adults who have not studied for some time also decide to use Open Learning courses as ‘back to study’ opportunities. Open Learning courses encourage students to reflect on and apply what they learn to their own life experience and faith. Some courses also help students to develop practical resources for ministry. Each student has a qualified personal tutor who provides support, guidance and encouragement as they progress through their course. The tutor will also grade assignments and give feedback on written work.

Open Learning has now introduced bite sized courses. These are short, single pieces of work that aim to introduce you to a range of different topics. They are available at Award, Foundation and Starter levels.

Starter Courses

These are mainly in workbook form, and there are worksheets to be completed for each lesson. These studies are suitable for students who don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible, or who are not used to doing written studies. If you are a new Christian who wants to learn about the Christian faith, or other faiths, you will find these courses helpful.

Foundation Courses

These courses require short pieces of written work. They give you introductory information on your chosen subjects and aim to stimulate you into further reading and study.

Award Level Courses

These courses aim to encourage and resource you for in-depth study. Each one has a set text book and additional reading is also suggested. Assignments vary and include, but are not limited to, writing essays. These courses also encourage you to explore and apply what you learn to your own life.

The cost of courses vary from £10 for a bitesize to £80 for an Award level course.

Lessons are available in different fonts, large print and printed on off white or on coloured paper for those who have additional needs. Please ask when enrolling.

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