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Open Learning correspondence courses aim at helping Christians - or people wanting to know about Christianity - to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith. 

These courses are open to adults of any age and of any religious faith -  or none.

Subjects include Biblical studies, personal and spiritual growth, Church history and the beliefs of The Salvation Army.

There are three levels of study:

  • Starter courses are suitable for people new to the Christian faith and who are unused to study.
  • Foundation courses involve working to a standard that approximates to GCSE level. 
  • Award courses encourage reading and reflection that approximates to A level study.

As a student on an Open Learning course you will be given a personal tutor who will provide written feedback on the work you submit. 

There are no deadlines for course completion so you will be able to work at your own pace.

Although Open Learning courses are not externally validated you will receive a certificate of completion when you have finished your course.

Open Learning students are included in an invitation to attend an annual Awards Day which celebrates students' achievements.

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