Life on campus

William Booth memorial Building

William Booth College is at the heart of education and the community of service that is The Salvation Army.

The fellowship encountered here is spiritual, not sentimental.  A stay on campus is not just about the formal, educational process but also the discussion, friendship, worship and shared practical experiences you'll encounter.  

We are a residential college where a majority of our cadets come to stay for the duration of their course as individuals, couples or families. Accommodation is in comfortable modern flats. There is a rich community life at the College, including not only worship but also a wide range of social activities.

The College is supported by its Business Services Unit to upkeep the buildings and grounds, to staff and equip the schools and facilities and to use the Army's resources with professional efficiency.

The campus community

There are seven on-campus houses containing single rooms and family apartments. 

Shared facilities include:.

  • A children's play area in the grounds with slides and climbing frames. 
  • Car parking within the campus for students.
  • A dining room providing breakfast, lunch and tea
  • Refreshments available from dispensers.
  • A library and learning area
  • A fully equipped gym with exercise and weight-lifting equipment 
  • A recreation room set aside for badminton, table tennis or cricket evenings. 
  • Benches under the trees for quiet study, conversation and relaxation.

In addition to the Assembly Hall, where the college community worship formally or privately, a prayer room is also available.

Local links

The College is long-established in the local area. We link with schools, churches and other agencies. We run a programme of public worship events and involve students of the School for Officer Training in community projects in Denmark Hill and the surrounding area.

For further information, contact:

About William Booth College

The site of The Salvation Army’s leadership and training programmes since 1929.

Officer and Territorial Envoy training

Train as a Salvation Army officer or Territorial Envoy at William Booth College.

Candidates Unit

The Candidates Unit is here to serve all those who are exploring God's calling.

International Heritage Centre

Telling the story of The Salvation Army from its origins in the 1860s to today.