New 2021 Victim Care Contract

New 2021 Victim Care Contract

The Salvation Army is continuing to work alongside new and existing valued partners to support adult survivors of modern slavery through a new and extended Government contract, The Modern Slavery Victim Care and Coordination Contract (MSVCC), which comes into force on 4th January  2021.

Through this new contract potential victims will continue to receive culturally sensitive support to meet their recovery needs through a process called the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) which identifies individuals as potential victims of modern slavery and grants access to:

  • Safe accommodation (where needed)
  • Practical help and advice
  • Interpretation and translation services
  • Financial support
  • Healthcare to meet physical, emotional and mental health needs
  • Specialist legal advice
  • Education for school-aged dependent children
  • Transport to important appointments
  • Future-planning support

A leaflet to explain to survivors of slavery the support they will receive can be downloaded here: 

Modern slavery

Black & white version

Modern slavery

Colour version

Reach-In Support

The MSVCC offers survivors of modern slavery a separate new Reach-In Support Service when they have moved on from the main support service. It is available to survivors of modern slavery with a positive conclusive grounds decision who move on, either on or after 4th January 2021.

The Reach-In Support Service is designed to keep a survivor’s transition to independence on track if they have any emerging or reactive requirements for support or advice. It can include links to activities and places where they can get help including finding a job, counselling and other therapies, ESOL classes and translation services.

New referrals can be made directly to the MSVCC team on 0800 808 3733 or by sending the completed referral form by email to who will liaise with individual providers responsible for Reach-In Support Service in the following areas:

Region  Provider

North West: Causeway

North East: The Salvation Army

Yorkshire & Humber: Causeway & Snowdrop Project

Wales: BAWSO

West Midlands: Black Country Women’s Aid

East Midlands: The Salvation Army

London: The Salvation Army & Hestia

South East: Migrant Help

South West: Unseen

East Anglia: The Salvation Army

Modern slavery

Referral Form: Reach-In Service. This form should be completed by the client with their current support provider or referrer.

Remote video URL

Call our Helpline

If you suspect someone is a victim of modern slavery and in need of help call our confidential 24/7 referral helpline on 0800 808 3733.

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