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Rejoice in the Lord and Sing!

A Melody in my Heart; Be Still; There is a Green Hill; In the Secret of thy Presence; Sing for Joy; Peace to the World; Morning Song; With Wings as Eagles; You are Always There; City of God (Movement ii.); I Have Seen the Glory of the Lord; Count your Blessings; Look Ye Saints; Someone Cares; You Can Depend on Me; O Love; Total Praise!; Vesper; My New Day (Movement ii.)


A Choral Symphony: i. Holiness; ii. Aspiration; iii. Devotion; iv. Thanksgiving; A Choral Symphony No. 2 - Symphony of Psalms: i. Courage; ii. Hope; iii. Trust; iv. Triumph; A Choral Symphony No. 3 - Symphony of Love: i. Light; ii. Peace; iii. Joy; iv. Love; A Choral Symphony No. 4 - Symphony of Life: i. Creation; ii. Acclamation; iii. Contemplation; iv. Salvation


Rejoice in the Lord and Sing!

Our special 40th anniversary compilation album

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Wherever we go, the Songsters seek to introduce people to Christ and change lives through music

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International Staff Songsters

The International Staff Songsters (ISS) is at the forefront of Salvation Army vocal music making in the UK and around the world.

Celebrating 40 years

Celebrating 40 years of the International Staff Songsters

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BBC One's Songs of Praise features members of the International Staff Songsters.​