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The Salvation Army International Development UK works alongside communities around the world to support and empower them to defeat poverty and injustice.

We equip, empower and enable communities around the world to defeat poverty and injustice, and work with them to build a better life and future. We engage people to comprehend injustice and take action to restore our world as a place where justice, dignity and equality are a reality for all people.

Our areas of work cover six themes: Clean Water, Emergency Response, Food Security, Income Generation, Anti-Trafficking and Gender Justice. By providing support to projects within these six themes, The Salvation Army in the UK and Ireland is helping people all over the world to tackle poverty, fight injustice and build a better life and future. We are also responsible for overseeing the transfer of funds for the UK’s Mission Support Allocation (money donated through the annual Self-Denial Appeal).

By providing financial and technical support to projects within these themes, The Salvation Army in the UK and Ireland is helping people all over the world to tackle poverty, fight injustice and build a better life and future.

Meet the team

Ben Gilbert: Team Leader

Ben has a Masters in International Development and Education and has worked in both the Development and Education sectors in the UK, Middle East and across Asia. He has a particular interest in rights to education of marginalised communities and is passionate about finding lasting solutions in complex and diverse environments. He is married to Shiyani and they have two children, Malachi and Elora.


Hayley Still: UK Engagement Co-ordinator

Hayley joined the team in 2014 having worked in the education charity sector. She is passionate about motivating people to fight injustice and living to serve God by serving others. She lives in London with her husband Ben and two children, Josie and Solomon.


Jason Emmett: Project Advisor - Emergency Response

Jason has a BA (Hons) in Education and Professional Training and previously worked in the healthcare and education sectors. He has a particular interest in informal education and how this can impact personal and professional development. Jason is married to Rachel and they have a son called Gideon.


Francine O'Hanlon: Project Advisor - Mission Support

Francine has been part of the International Projects team since 2015, she has held several positions within the team but now works part-time as the Programme Advisor for Mission Support. She studied Human Geography at the University of the West of England which cultivated her interests in sustainable communities, managing global resources and geopolitics. Having lived in South Korea for two years and travelled extensively in previous jobs, she loved the opportunity to learn about other cultures. Francine now lives in Reading with her husband Oli and their son Henry. 

Violet Ruria: Programme Advisor - Sustainable Livelihoods

Violet has been with the team for the last 7 years. She brought in over 15 years of hands-on experience in managing multi-sector  Development Programmes while working with varied Faith-Based Organisation in Africa. She is originally from Kenya and is married to Paul and a mother to Lucy and Reuben. Her passion is journeying with communities to support them to realise their vision of holistic transformation.


Anne Gregora: Programme Advisor - Anti-trafficking and Gender Justice

Anne is our anti-trafficking and GBV programme advisor. She joined the team as a registered social worker from Australia. She has frontline experience in anti-trafficking and refugee resettlement. She has been with the team for since 2013 and is passionate about seeking justice, protection and recovery for women who have experienced trauma, abuse or exploitation.


Tribeni Gurung: Project Advisor - Anti-trafficking and Gender Justice

Tribeni joined the team in June 2017. She has a background in Research and holds an MSc in Social Research Methods. She has carried out research on human trafficking issues such as the impact of community-based support, re-trafficking of graduates leaving orphanages in Ukraine and the experiences of trafficked victims living in NASS accommodation. 


Toluwanimi Jaiyebo: Project Advisor - Anti-trafficking and Gender Justice

Toluwanimi joined the team in November 2019. She is a qualified lawyer with an LLM in International Human Rights Law and Practice from Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York. Here, she developed an interest in the right to health, particularly mental health for marginalised and vulnerable populations. Prior to working at The Salvation Army, she worked in Nigeria for five years supporting public health, capacity building and anti-trafficking programmes.


Tamás Kovács: Administrative Support – International Projects Office

Tamás joined the team in February 2020. After completing his BA (Hons) in Film Studies he decided to follow his other passion for helping people. He has previously worked with vulnerable young people, and it was during this time that he rediscovered his passion for helping people in great times of crisis and alleviating their suffering in some way. He has a particular interest in restorative justice, reparations to victims of slavery and/or their descendants, and international affairs. Tamás currently lives in London.


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