Emergency Response


Emergency Response is one of The Salvation Army International Development UK's five areas of work.

In the immediate aftermath of disasters and emergency situations, The Salvation Army is swift to respond with practical and pastoral care.  

The Salvation Army in the United Kingdom and Ireland territory has supported emergency response projects in Brazil, Kenya, and Pakistan.

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The Salvation Army is active in Ukraine and across Europe, providing practical and emotional support to people who have been deeply impacted by the worsening situation. We’re delivering essential provisions including food, water and blankets, and are committed to assist for as long as it takes.

Since the start of the Ukraine crisis in February 2022, Salvation Army officers, staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to meet the challenge of serving those affected by the crisis, with over 24,293 people benefiting from shelter, more than 660,000 cooked meals served and almost 105,000 food parcels distributed. Most initial programmes have focused on meeting the immediate needs of people who have fled to neighbouring countries, resulting in joint responses undertaken in 14 countries including Poland, Moldova, Hungry, Georgia and the UK.

Though the response differs in each country, the provision of cash vouchers has been common. This means of support aims to give recipients choice and dignity as they can decide for themselves which items to purchase such as food, hygiene products or clothing.

To date The Salvation Army has provided vouchers to more than 197,000 people with the additional provision of over 125,000 non-food items such as duvets, pillows etc. It has been an important element in helping refugees from Ukraine to settle into host communities across Europe and establish a sense of normality in their lives. As children start at new schools and the related costs of uniforms, stationery and language classes are incurred, the cash vouchers can help to ease the financial burden on families. As time moves on, the response has moved towards addressing and supporting the longer-term needs of those affected.

Please, donate today to help us be there for as many displaced and impacted people as we can.

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