The George Steven Community Hub

providing support to adults with learning and physical disabilities

George Steven Hub

The George Steven Community Hub in Kilbirnie, West Scotland, formally known as the George Steven Centre.

We are currently expanding our projects and delivering more programmes to become a community resource for the whole of the Garnock Valley. 

However, we will continue to provide our specialist services for adults with learning disabilities.

Community Choices programme

This is our specialist programme for adults with a Learning Disability. We are registered with the Care Inspectorate and provide a range of activities Monday to Friday 10am - 3pm.

Inclusive - Community Choices


Activities are based within the George Steven Community Hub and in venues within the wider community. 

These include:

  • Bowling
  • Art
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Sport       
  • Gardening
  • Drama


Music Man Project

One of the newest and most innovative groups we are currently delivering is The Music Man Project. The group has recently begun taking their performances beyond the centre and delighting audiences within care homes and special education needs schools.


Individuals with a Learning or Physical Disability can participate in any of the activities on offer. These can be attended as a one-off session or regularly for the full day/s.

We are able to offer support to anyone who wishes to attend under self-directed support options 1, 2 or 4. Individuals can also choose to self-fund or as a "pay as you go" option. 

Alternatively, if you get support from another service or provider/personal assistant/support worker, you can bring them along and pay as an "activity" only option. 

Transport can also be arranged for people who live in the Garnock Valley at a cost.

To find out more email:

Phone: 01505 683233


Community Hub

We run a number of activities for the community within the Garnock Valley. We also offer employment support.

Monday and Thursday 6pm - 9pm HALO 

inclusive - medle pic

Take part in a variety of learning topics such as health and wellbeing, history, culture, telling the time, safety, counting and money plus much more!

Have fun and socialise with friends.

Transport available for individuals who live in the Garnock Valley at a cost.

Wednesday 6pm - 9pm - Social group

A place to simply socialise and develop friendships in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Perhaps you would like to challenge someone to a game of pool, listen to music, sing on the karaoke, play games or simply enjoy a chance to chat and catch up with your friends.  The choice is entirely up to you!

Transport available for individuals who live in the Garnock Valley at a cost.

Tuesday 5 - 7pm Community evening meal 

All welcome!

Enjoy a 3 course home cooked meal for £2.50.

A great opportunity to meet new people and have a chat!

Saturday 9am - 12pm Community breakfast 

All welcome!

Enjoy a variety of breakfast options from hot rolls, cereals, yoghurts and fruit for £2.

A great opportunity to meet new people and have a chat!

Themed Activities 

Held once a month!

A social event for adults aged 18 years and beyond!

A varied programme of entertainment where disco, karaoke, singers, bands, ceilidh’s, quiz nights and a party atmosphere can be expected.

Themes will be chosen by our Events Committee.


Telephone: 01505 683233

Blend-in Café

Open: Monday-Friday

The Blend-In Cafe is open to the public and doubles as a training space where adults with learning disability issues can learn the skills involved in customer care, food orders and service as well as kitchen hygiene in a real life environment.

Inclusive - Community Cafe

The not-for-profit social enterprise is well known within the community for its fresh food, home baking and affordable prices. Take away is available as are telephone orders and catering for events

Harry has had a placement in the Café since 2008.  Through his training and work experience his confidence has grown and his skills have developed.  

Harry says "I like it, it makes me happy. I serve folk taking the food to tables and washing the dishes"

Harry's Mum Jean said "Harry loves the cafe and enjoys his work. I think it has made a difference to his life. I never thought he would do anything like this. It’s made him more outgoing and sociable".


Community Support Service

The community support service, formerly known as SMART, is a housing related and care-at-home support service.

Registered with the Care Inspectorate, we can provide support to people with a Learning Disability and associated support needs within the Garnock Valley and surrounding areas. The types of support we offer are:

  • Personal care
  • Administration of medication    
  • Household tasks such as laundry, cooking and shopping
  • Budgeting
  • Health care appointments
  • Attending social and leisure activities

Everyone we support has a person-centred support plan, with agreed outcomes that are regularly reviewed.

All our support staff are registered with the SSSC. 

We can provide support to people under self-directed support options 1, 2 or 4. 

Full details of the support we can provide, our costs and how to arrange an assessment can be obtained by contacting us directly:


Phone: 01505 683233

The Music Man Project

A fully accessible music service for adults and children with learning disabilities

Strawberry Field

Opportunities for young people with learning disabilities on the site made famous by The Beatles

Our Work - Inclusive

We work to ensure that people with disabilities are given real opportunities


Our enabled community provides empowering spiritual and social fellowship for people with disabilities