enabled - inclusive

Our enabled community evolved from The Salvation Army Fellowship of Endeavour (SAFE).

The community provides empowering spiritual and social fellowship for people with disabilities, their families and carers.

There are over 430 members of enabled. The group communicate and connect with each other through our quarterly newsletters and social media. 

In some areas we have local and divisional enabled groups. The groups engage in different social activities, worship and fellowship. 

Some enabled members share their experience.

“While the rest of the society might write us off, enabled make us feel part of a supportive group where everyone is accepted and helped”.  Yorkshire enabled members.

“We have so much fun when we attend enabled, along with singing songs and enjoying everyone's efforts.”  North East England enabled member

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If you would like to receive our newsletter by post or email please contact us at: enabled@salvationarmy.org.uk. 

enabled School of Arts

enabled Summer School of Arts

The enabled Summer School of Arts is currently held once a year at the National Star College in Cheltenham. The weeklong event offers opportunities for participants to be included in activities such as music, drama, dance, craft and sport. The week finishes with a final festival showcasing what the school has achieved together throughout the week.

There is a closed Facebook group – enabled summer school of arts, where participants keep in touch throughout the year.

“I find the week to be amazing, extremely tiring but totally worth it. I have continued to attend as I know what to expect and I want to be part of the experience”.  Christine Carley- Droitwich

 “I was really excited to meet new people and see what we could achieve together. It was inspiring to see the different gifts God has given to us all.”  Major Catherine Wyles - Rutherglen

“It's also an opportunity to spend some quality time with God and to celebrate the variety of what his people can do”. Colin Machan- Dartford. 

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To find out more about enabled contact us on enabled@salvationarmy.org.uk or 0207 601 7026.

Visit our Facebook page: enabled – Including everyone

The Music Man Project

A fully accessible music service for adults and children with learning disabilities

The George Steven Community Hub

The George Steven Community Hub provides a secure environment for adults with learning disabilities.

Strawberry Field

Opportunities for young people with learning disabilities on the site made famous by The Beatles

Our Work - Inclusive

We work to ensure that people with disabilities are given real opportunities