Free Wills Month

Every March and October, The Salvation Army takes part in Free Wills Month.

Take part and you can have a simple Will written at no cost in selected locations across England and Wales. If you're aged 55 or over (for couples, only one of you needs to be 55) you simply need to make an appointment with a participating solicitor before the end of the campaign month. 

Free Wills month

There are many reasons why it is important to make a Will. If you want to be absolutely certain that your wishes will be met when you die and you want to make sure that everything goes to the people and causes you care about, then it is important to make a Will.

Making a Will makes it easier for the people you leave behind – you’ll be continuing to look after your loved ones by letting them know your wishes. Otherwise, doubts and disagreement might arise and your estate may not go to the people you intended. A Will can remove any uncertainties.

There is no obligation to remember The Salvation Army in your Will but we hope you'll consider the huge difference a gift to us in your Will can make, to our vital work providing care, compassion, and practical support to the people that need us most.

Taking part is easy, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit or call 0333 022 0396  for a list of local solicitors who can help you make or update your Will free of charge.
  2. Make an appointment for some time during March or October with your chosen solicitor, quoting Free Wills Month.

We have agreed that this offer is for the writing of ‘simple’ Wills. The solicitor will define whether your Will is simple based on your particular requirements, and if your Will is considered to be more complex, the solicitor may ask you to pay the balance yourself, however, most people only require simple Wills.

If you have any queries about amending or making a Will or leaving a legacy to The Salvation Army, just contact our friendly Legacy Team on 020 7367 4800 or email

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