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We know that including a charity in your Will is a decision that requires much thought so here is some frequently asked questions which we hope you find useful.

1. Why are gifts in Wills so important to The Salvation Army? 

Gifts in Wills keep our work going. No matter how small or large, a gift in your Will to The Salvation Army will help us be where we’re needed most, helping those who need us most. Leaving a gift in your Will to The Salvation Army is also an opportunity for you to make a positive – and significant – impact on the lives of many people.

2. I don’t think my estate adds up to much. Is it still worth making a Will or leaving a gift? 

You might be surprised about your wealth, especially if you own your own home and have life insurance or savings. Making a Will is the only way to ensure that the people you love and the causes closest to your heart benefit from your estate as you want them to.

3. Can I make a Will myself or do I need to use a professional?  

To ensure your Will is valid and that your instructions are carried out, it is recommended that you seek professional advice from a solicitor. 

4. What’s the best way to remember The Salvation Army in my Will? 

The best way to benefit a charity is often with a residuary legacy. Giving in this way means your gift won’t decrease in value due to inflation and can therefore help your gift go further and benefit more people. Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the best option for your circumstances and recommended wording to discuss with them is available.

5. Should I let The Salvation Army know my decision? 

We appreciate that leaving a gift in your Will is very personal and it’s entirely up to you. We understand the content of your Will is a very private matter. However if you could let us know, whatever your decision, we’d be very grateful. It will allow us to communicate with you in the best way, and to say a very big thank you if you have chosen to remember us in your Will. 

6. What types of gifts can I leave? 

pecuniary legacy is a gift of a sum of money of your choosing (it is possible to add a pecuniary legacy to an existing Will using a simple Codicil document). It’s worth bearing in mind that this type of gift will decrease in value over time as the cost of living increases

You can also leave what's called a residuary gift. This is a gift of a share or all of what’s left of your estate after all other payments have been made. It’s an effective way of dividing an estate between the people and causes that are important to you and can be more beneficial to charities as the gift won’t decrease in value due to inflation.

specific gift. This could be a gift of anything from a piece of jewellery or a property to a selection of shares. If you’d like to give in this way, we would recommend you contact us so we can discuss your intentions.

For more information Download or request a copy of our free Will guide. The guide will help you to set out what you want your will to say on how you would like your estate to be distributed. 

The guide also includes helpful resources which can be used to ease the burden for those you leave behind. For example a letter of wishes or the Personal Record of Documents and Information where you can set out all of the information your Executors will need when the time comes. 

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Leave a lasting legacy and ensure your values live on

This free guide includes useful resources to help you navigate the complex process of creating a Will.

Get your free Will guide today

7. What information do I need to include when leaving a gift to The Salvation Army? 

Please include our full name, address and registered charity details: 

The Salvation Army

101 Newington Causeway



Charity Number:

  • England and Wales: 214779
  • Scotland: SC009359

To help you discuss your wishes with a solicitor, we’ve included some recommended wording for the different types of gift. You can download a copy of the recommended wording.

8. How do I pay a legacy gift to The Salvation Army?

If you wish to pay a legacy this cannot be done. Please call 020 7367 4656 or email



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