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Finding people

The Family Tracing Service aims to restore family relationships. We have an 89% success rate, reuniting on average eight people every working day.

The Salvation Army has been reuniting families for 130 years.

Every individual case is different can take anything from a couple of days to a number of years to solve.

We use the latest search techniques as well as those we have developed over our 130 years of family tracing experience. Much of our work is on the phone, writing letters and emails, and researching on the internet. We also draw on support from The Salvation Army churches and social centres in the UK and around the world.

Once we’ve found someone the first contact is often made by telephone or letter with an assurance that addresses will not be made known unless permission is granted.

We keep our clients informed of the progress of our investigation and if we find your relative we will inform you immediately.

We follow a strict confidentiality procedure and comply with current data protection legislation. 

People can correspond with relatives via the Family Tracing Service indefinitely until trust is established for personal contact details to be revealed.