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What we do to help trace family

Before we are able to become involved in searching for a relative, we ask that an application form is submitted. You can download and print the application form, or request this by post by contacting us by telephone or email. 

In order to assess your enquiry, our caseworkers need some essential information about the person being sought:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth or exact age and country of birth
  • Last known address or location (if outside the United Kingdom, please contact us first to check we can make enquiries in that country).

We use the latest search techniques as well as those developed over our many years of family tracing experience in order to begin the process of locating and contacting your relative. Much of our work is via correspondence and researching the internet. We also draw on support from The Salvation Army churches and social centres in the UK and some other territories. 

Our first contact with the person sought is often made by letter giving assurance that personal information will not be disclosed to any other party unless they give us their consent. They will be told the identity of the person seeking contact with them, and given options for contact. If there is hesitation about having direct contact in the first instance, relatives may correspond via the Family Tracing Service until trust is established. Whatever the decision of the person sought, this will be fully respected.

Every case is different and searches can take anything from a few days to a year or more to complete. We cannot guarantee that we will be successful in finding your relative but will of course let you know as soon as there is news to report, whatever the outcome.

Because of data protection legislation and the confidential nature of our work, we are unable to provide details of our tracing procedures but we will ensure that our cases are regularly reviewed and all suitable enquiries placed.

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How to apply

If you live outside the United Kingdom or The Republic of Ireland, please first contact us so that we can advise if you should commence your enquiry with the support of our Family Tracing Service in your country of residence. We have colleagues in some other territories who are ready to discuss your enquiry and provide local support. This applies even if the person sought is thought to be living in the United Kingdom.

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland or The Channel Islands, please refer to our How To Apply section to see the options available to commence an application. If you would prefer to speak to us first, please call (+44) 020 7367 4747 or send your enquiry to our maildrop at Family.Tracing@salvationarmy.org.uk. We will be pleased to review your request.

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