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Coronavirus campaigning response

The outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) has set an unprecedented challenge for individuals, communities, and governments across the UK.

Political affairs and campaigning
28 Apr

Vulnerable people face hunger and malnutrition warns Salvation Army as part of charity coalition

The Salvation Army launches ‘Meals At Home’ for vulnerable elderly community in Penrith.

Press release
16 Apr

Universal Credit will create ‘coronavirus debt crisis’

The five week wait for first Universal Credit payment will force thousands into debt.

Press release
01 Apr

Budget Announcement: Coronavirus budget leaves homeless in the cold

The Salvation Army is urging the Government to ensure that it makes provision for homeless people as part of coronavirus planning.  

12 Mar

Coronavirus: The Salvation Army ready to help most vulnerable

The Salvation Army is ready to help people who are most vulnerable in communities across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Press release
05 Mar

Millions at risk of Universal Credit ‘lock out’ warns The Salvation Army

Two million sickness benefit claimants could struggle to access digital system.

Press release
11 Feb

Salvation Army emergency response team ready to support quarantine families

Our emergency response team provides food, refreshments and support to the families and friends of people in isolation.

04 Feb

Queen’s speech: too little too late on homelessness and adult social care

The Queen’s Speech made it clear that the Government will not be able to deliver on key manifesto pledges on homelessness and adult social care.

03 Feb

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