Budget and debt advice

Helping people to get up on their feet

The Salvation Army has 25 debt advice centres across the UK, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), providing practical advice and pastoral care to those facing financial hardship.

Debt advisors and volunteers work with people to develop debt repayment plans, negotiate with creditors and provide money education to change habits and minimise the chance of debt recurring in the future.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and as Government financial support schemes come to an end, our debt advice centres have expanded to cope with an increase in demand and we have adapted our services to operate remotely whilst social distancing measures are in place.

For those people who do not have a ‘local’ debt advice centre, support can be provided online by emailing thqdas@salvationarmy.org.uk

Debt advice

Free practical advice, working alongside people to help them stay out of debt

Emergency assistance

Providing the basics and supporting people on a path to dignity and not to dependence

Local support for jobseekers

Employment Plus Locals offer information and guidance within a supportive environment

Saving money

Our cafés and community projects are the front line of the battle against poverty in the UK

Financial inclusion services

Helping people rebuild their lives financially