Virtual Heritage Centre

Welcome to the Virtual Heritage Centre!

At The Salvation Army’s International Heritage Centre we hold archives, books and museum objects relating to The Salvation Army’s worldwide history from the 1860s to the present. These diverse collections build a strong image of Salvation Army activity over this period and also provide insight into other, perhaps unexpected areas of history, such as pop music, social unrest and emigration.

We invite you to explore these themes through the photographs, objects and oral histories from our museum collections that we have curated for you to view here.


Who are The Salvation Army?

Discover the origins, beliefs and symbols of The Salvation Army.


Find out more about The Salvation Army’s founders, leaders and early pioneers.


Find out about opposition to The Salvation Army’s expansion in the Victorian era.


Find out about the role that music and song plays within The Salvation Army.

Social work

Discover the origins and history of The Salvation Army’s social work.

War and emergency

Find out about The Salvation Army’s relief work around the world.

A global army

Find out about The Salvation Army’s early growth into a worldwide movement.


View a digital version of our current temporary exhibition - Establishing The Salvation Army’s Social Work in the Nineteenth Century: The Darkest England Gazette.