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Youell Court

Emma Hunt 
Youell Court Care Home
(024) 7656 1300
Skipworth Road
Binley ,Coventry ,CV3 2XA


We aim to make later-life a time of fulfilment and enrichment for our nation's older generation.

It is a privilege to offer services to people who continue to make tremendous contributions to their families and in their communities. Our older generation deserves to be treated with dignity; to receive care when they require it and to have the opportunity to retain as much independence as possible.

Are designed in consultation with service users to ensure their needs are addressed within the limits of any programme and its resources, the service they receive is what they want. Each person is encouraged to:

  • Make choices which enhance and enrich their life 
  • To participate in activities which bring fulfilment 
  • Share fellowship and ease possible isolation

Our statement regarding the CQC report released 19 October 2016 can be found here

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