Spare a little time, make a huge difference

Why volunteer?

There are many practical reasons for volunteering;

  • meeting new people to socialise
  • going on an adventure
  • gaining new skills
  • work experience to improve your CV

But, the contribution you make can make a huge difference in someone else's life too by also giving back to your community.

What can I do?

The Salvation Army work with some of the most disadvantaged people in our communities; including homeless people, older people, those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, as well as those looking to develop skills for work like computer skills.

The Salvation Army has many opportunities for volunteers; from running activities and classes in community centres, preparing and serving food at lunch clubs and community cafés, helping at a charity shop, or serving meals to people who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas Day.

So, are you retired or have you experienced being made redundant or know what it is like to be unemployed? Could you share skills which would help other people get a job? Or do you just want to help out and make new friends?

The Salvation Army Employment Plus has opportunities for people with many different experiences and backgrounds to volunteer their time and skills to help us help people back into employment.

We believe in helping people to overcome any current problems they may face such as housing or financial problems or lack of self-confidence and work-related skills.

Just 60 minutes a week might make the world of difference to someone.

Could you spare time to:

  • act as a mentor to advise, support and encourage one or more jobseeker?
  • speak to your employer about providing work experience placements, interview practice or job vacancies?
  • bring specific skills in HR, finance, IT, business advice or personal development or offer help in CV-writing, job-searching, self-employment, interview technique or computer skills?
  • Or just help out in one of our local corps?

Here is how Volunteers and Employment Plus have worked in a couple of our centres in Yorkshire and Kent:

Mark and Dawn needed extra manpower to fulfil their vision of getting more people through the doors of their corps.

With the support of Employment Plus and through a Government work experience scheme, they engaged young unemployed people who helped them run extra activities.

This increased the number of local children and young people coming into the corps as well as giving several unemployed young people vital work experience and new skills.

Chris and Mandy found that their corps volunteers willingly and easily integrated an Employment Plus Local.

Contact your local centre for opportunities and find your E + local centre here

Getting Back Into The Workforce

Most people go through a time of unemployment at some point in their careers.  Getting a job after redundancy, study, health issues or parenting can be particularly challenging.

With more than 20 years experience we offer a variety of different services to help jobseekers with employability skills.  We are praised by our partners for reliability, excellent communication and adaptability, we are ideally placed with the specific expertise to help long-term unemployed people, particularly those facing complex personal issues, to find employment and sustain it.

We have modern approaches of one-to-one mentoring, confidence-building programmes, skills assessment, life skills coaching social reintegration and training in computing, money management and personal awareness.

If you are a job seeker needing employment support find out if one of our E+ Locals operate in your area by checking out our map for the closest resource.

Delivery Model

The delivery model is flexible and enables us to work with the participant from referral through to ‘in-work’ support.  The support given is tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

Our tailored and flexible delivery consists of the following:

- Local facilities conducive to learning

- Guidance & support with benefit queries

- Support to identify & overcome barriers to work

- Activities to help find work i.e. work experience, volunteering, tasters & placements

- Access to information and guidance on training opportunities to acquire new & improve existing skills - A broad range of courses available via e learning

- Accredited employability courses

- A range of job search interventions & help to undertake active and effective job search

- Provision of computers & internet facilities for digital inclusion

- Links with local businesses, training providers & employment agencies

- In-work support when a job is gained

- Money management


‘Work for All’ was a cornerstone of William Booth’s social programme.

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Short-Term Work Experience Placements

The Salvation Army firmly believes that work experience greatly enhances the chances of people getting into paid employment by providing vital skills, a recent reference, life and work experience, and to build self-confidence.

If you're involved in a placement at The Salvation Army, you are more than likely to be helping others in your local community - this can be a powerful transformative experience.

All short-term work experience placements are arranged locally and this includes any referrals from local Job Centres and independent welfare to work providers.  No placements are in place of paid work. 

Anyone who comes to The Salvation Army will receive assistance based solely on their need and our capacity to provide help.  We respect and value the rich diversity of our staff, volunteers and all people in the communities in which we serve - whatever their age, background, gender, faith, culture, sexual orientation or circumstances.

We know of many people who have secured permanent employment subsequent to their placement with us; who have said that the time they spent on placement with us contributed greatly to their job-seeking experience and credentials.

Every person has worth and it is our desire to help all who are willing to work, irrespective of their starting point.

Client Testimonials

Andrew felt valued as one of the team and enjoyed the people he was working with and the training he was receiving. He stayed on as a volunteer after the placement had finished and, through dedication and hard work, managed to secure paid employment with us.

Andrew said: ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the placement, it got me into the workplace, improved my skill set, gave me confidence and got me a job.’

Mark, like many people, struggled to find employment but, once he took up a placement with us, found he was more confident and enjoyed making new friends within the shop. He learned the role and enjoyed it so much that he decided to stay on as a volunteer. Within six months Mark managed to secure paid employment with us.

Mark said: ‘Having a job not only helps you afford things that you couldn’t have bought but also makes you feel good about yourself.’

Helen previously worked as a care home worker and had no previous retail experience. The Salvation Army helped broaden Helen’s experience in the job market.

Helen said: "I want to get back into the workplace and very much enjoy the work within the Salvation Army’s shop. I feel this is great experience for me or anyone wanting to work again and it adds so much to your CV. If possible I would like to continue to volunteer after my placement has finished."