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Our weekend course, Design for Life (DFL) helps you discover God's design for your life.  

It is based on the premise that everyone is called by God to be salt and light in the world, and that world is different for individuals: some people are called to be homemakers, some people work out their vocation in schools or hospitals, others serve as ministers in a church or as Salvation Army Officers, some people's journey takes them to other countries, other work in their local area.


The weekends include a healthy mixture of worship, prayer, Bible study, small group discussion, personal reflection and, of course, food! You’ll be encouraged to reflect on where you’ve been, look at where you are now and listen to God about the future. 

The weekend starts with registration from 6pm, an evening meal at 7pm and the first session at 8pm. The weekend will end by 3pm at the latest on Sunday.


DFL is for anyone over 18 seeking God’s design for their life. No one form of ministry, vocation or service is promoted at a DFL weekend. Whether you’re near the beginning of your journey and want to scan the horizon or you’ve been travelling a certain route and want to stop and reflect, DFL is for you!


Bookings can be made on Eventbrite.  The cost is £80.  Please be aware Candidates Unit will contact your Corps Officer to endorse your attendance.

Dates for 2023

•    27th-29th January 
•   15th-17th September

Dates for 2024

•    26th-28th January
•    21st-23rd June
•    20th-22nd September

Here are a few of the comments previous DFLers have made: 

"I think anyone who has questions regarding the direction of their life, career wise and spiritually, would find the weekend helpful."

"The DFL weekend will stay with me for the rest of my life, I learnt so much in such a short space of time."


To find out more, please contact: or call us on 0207 326 2824.

Since DFL started in 1999, thousands of people have attended all around the world. 

Design For Life was great. It’s not, as some think, a weekend just to get people to sign on for officership. It’s a weekend where everyone is special and time is given to look at what God is saying about YOUR design for life.
Attendee, Design for Life

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