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Our anti-trafficking work takes place on an international scale. We have been protecting and caring for victims of modern slavery since The Salvation Army’s early beginnings in the 1880s, and since July 2011 we have delivered the UK government’s contract to manage support services for adult victims of modern slavery.

There are a number of ways in which we are supporting survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking, including financial, legal and medical support, a safe place to stay and access to counselling and educational opportunities when needed. In many of these programmes our specialist staff who deliver them are also supported by volunteers.

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Volunteering roles:

We currently have three main volunteer roles however, we are always looking for new and innovative volunteer opportunities. If you do have a particular skill that you feel could be utilised, please do get in touch. Our three main volunteers roles are: First Responder Volunteer, Transport Volunteer and Mentoring Volunteer, we have provided more information about each role below. 

Interested in any of our volunteer roles?

Browse our full range of anti-trafficking and modern slavery voluntary opportunities below. Email to discuss the roles or any specialist skills you feel we could utilise in a new innovative role.

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I find the reception the survivor receives on reaching a safehouse uniformly brilliant - the concerns they show on being collected melt away into a smile and realisation they are now in a place where they can start a new, better part of their lives. We are just a tiny part of that, but it's so worth it.

Anti-trafficking and modern slavery opportunities

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Protect survivors rights

As the Illegal Migration Bill becomes law without any protections put in place for victims of modern slavery, we promise to keep fighting to make their voices heard.

How we support survivors

Find out how we support survivors of Modern slavery through our Government contract and a wide range of specialist services.

Spot the signs

Learn the tell-tale signs of modern slavery, and where to get help for victims.

First Responders

Learn more about how victims of modern slavery are identified and referred to get support.